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I like to build and host WordPress websites and have been building with WordPress, which is the software I use now to build websites, since 2006.  I’ve been building websites sites 1997!  You can hire me to help you get your small business, portfolio, or family website online.

Getting you Started

If you want to get online and don’t know where to start or who to hire, send me an email.  There are many different ways to get online, but you want to control your content.  Here is an inexpensive way to get your business online and under your control.

Initial Consultation – No Charge

This will take about an hour, to figure out what you want to accomplish.  If all goes well we can begin to set up a website for you.  This will include:

Demo or Wireframe of the proposed website.
Domain Name – I’ll register and manage it, you’ll own it  
Software Installation
Website Build and Revisions

How much will this cost?  Design and Maintenance

Website Development – Starting at $750 for a developed site.

The majority of the sites that I build are local, small businesses.  Here are the package breakdowns:

Developed – I will do all the technical work to acquire a domain, set up the hosting on the internet, design your site based on our discussions and enter any content within our agreement.  Extra content/copy writing may be an extra hourly charge, but you will know that upfront.

Customized – This package is for custom designs, like ecommerce stores or databases and will be handled at $75/hr, quoted and approved first.

Hosting, Managed Updates, and Maintenance – $25.00/Month.
Monthly maintenance includes all the items that put your website online,to be seen by any internet visitor and includes all software updates, site backups, security and other things that pertain to keeping your site live.  Your site will run well, always be up to date – and you won’t have to lift a finger!

What’s Next?

After the design is completed, you may need some changes from time to time.  I can teach you how to update the website on your own, because you will be using a very popular and powerful CMS (content management system).  Or, you can hire me on a per hour basis to make updates to your site – it all depends on your budget and comfort using computers.

And Then What?

A basic website is complete, the pages are loaded.  What comes next?

You can do nothing, or you can build your online presence.  There may be something more that you want your website to do – like having the ability to accept Credit Cards.  Maybe you want to be an online store?  Accept donations?  The sky is the limit.

What About Visibility?

Getting found when someone searches for you is usually the next request – even before customization.  There are many ways to increase the likelyhood of getting your website found.  These include best practices on your website, controlling the data on other websites that list your business, and advertising.

    1. I can layout a plan and work hourly for you.
    2. I can tell you where  to look and give you some guidance on doing it yourself.
    3. You can read more about how to Do It Yourself using this guide (coming soon… yes?)

So – if you are interested, or just have questions, send me an email and I’ll talk to you soon.