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How do I Register a Domain?

When I first started back in 1997 … ( see History External Link to PaMidstate MEDIA History ), you could really only use Network Solutions.  And they STILL (2009) charge about $35 per domain!

Once the domain market opened up to more registrars (those that manage the domain name registries), you could easily find other companies and get a much more competitive price.  I found GoDaddy – and really haven’t looked back.


Although I have heard of nightmares from others around the web, I have not had these same issues.  So – I can recommend them for a decent price, continuing service, and no real outages that I have noticed.

You can start your domain search right here if you would like to ( [HTML1] External Link to GoDaddy )… but picking a domain name is not as easy.

Choosing your Domain Name

This can be difficult and is becoming increasingly difficult every day as the ‘normal’ domains that are words become taken/used/squatted on.  If you are creating a site about New Mexico, how do you decide what domain you want to use?  NewMexico.com is taken – and has been for quite a while.  You could pickup something like MyNewMexico.com (not anymore – and no, I am not using it), but those are not too creative and (to me) overused.

If you are not creative enough, try a domain name suggestion service (just search, there are many) and see what you get.  I got lucky with some domains, pushed my luck with others, and for the rest, just concentrated on building content.  Search engines find valuable content – ‘almost’ regardless of the domain name itself.

Almost Regardless?

Well, I say almost regardless because engines like Google saw a trend of hyphenating keywords for domains, a tactic used by spammers.  Think, ‘my-hotel-and-motel-site.com’ (available as of 10/12/09 – but I don’t want it).  They are not easy to type in because they are built for the search engines.

Off Topic

I kind of got off the real topic of this article, but it really turns out that registering the domain is easy.  Coming up with something you will want to use and is easy for a visitor to find/type/remember; that is the hard part.  Good Luck!

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