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Version 0.1 – Taking a stab at Webdesign

In 1997, I created a website for the Carlisle, Pennsylvania community.  It was my first foray into designing websites for businesses – especially in the Central Pennsylvania market (specifically Carlisle for the first four sites).  I asked four business owners that I knew to sponsor the website and cover 25% each of the total costs I had to put out of m pocket (hosting, domain, ISP for a year and software).  I gave away my time for free.

I started with Front Page, Network Solutions, and a hosting company.  The new sites were created, community information was added and events were posted.  Events turned out to be a really big thing…

Version 1.0 – Expansion

The page views on the events was the kicker.  It turned out that people were viewing the event listing on the Carlisle-pa.com site about 5 times more than all other pages combined… and there weren’t even that many events listed!  Of course the car shows in Carlisle helped, but it pushed me to another level, which is where I got the name for this company.  In the spring of 1999, I registered pamidstate.com and built a website that listed events occurring in the midstate.

Version 1.5 – Stagnation

In the fall of 1999, my step father passed away and I ended up taking over his business, the Boiling Springs Pool.  Over then next two years, I would keep the sites running, but they did not evolve too much.  By this time, I had a few clients and a couple of other domains, including a community guide for Boiling Springs, PA; a beautiful little town – that I still call home, even though I am not currently living there.

Version 2.0 – Site Building

After two summer seasons at the pool, I started building a few guide sites, which I still run, and focusing less on individual customers. So, it was around this time that I started adding to my site portfolio.

Version 2.5 – Expansion… Again

I continued to focus on the events site however and started to do a Pennsylvania Statewide campaign.  Sites for Singles Events, Events all over PA, Pennsylvania Attractions, and Festival listings.  Each was an individual site, some pulled from the events database, others were completely on their own.  But, I could link them logically to each other.

Version 3.0 – WordPress

Along came WordPress, which I am using for about 85% of my websites.  Because of the ease that WordPress allows in design, changes, updates (for even the website customer to do) – without having to change each page – I started creating a few sites for customers again and also buying domains.  I do still run a few very custom sites without WordPress (like PaMidstate.com and EventsinPA.com)


So, that’s me currently.  I have picked up domain ideas along the way, some have turned into something, others are still hanging around.  As I get time, I develop one or another.  Some I keep, others I’ll sell.