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WordPress vs. Custom Scripting

I run a bunch of sites, as you may have read.  But I often run into the problem of deciding whether to use WordPress or writing my own custom script to create a site on a template.

The Major Tipping Point

So what causes this difference?  Well – I think I would like to use WordPress for every site I create ( at this time ) – however…  I am having trouble locating a plugin or script that will allow me to upload a large database of information into WordPress – AND – allowing me to upload it again and overwriting/updating information.  Some plugins that I have found MAY do the trick, but I am not interested in purchasing a script that will become useless immediately… but perhaps I should.  Suggestions?

So, How do I Choose?

Up to this point I have wasted a lot of time thinking about which way to go.  Until I find a plugin that can handle entering new ‘posts’ and categories – then being able to update those ‘posts’ again just by uploading the database, I am going to do it like this:

1. Is the database big, like 50 or more records?
2. Is the data in this database going to change regularly?
3.  Is this the kind of database that I can ‘drip post’ in over time?

If the answers are yes, yes, no – then I am going to write my own scripts.  If the answers are no, no, yes – it is WordPress all the way.  If the answers are yes, no, maybe – then I am back at the crossroads.

Why Don’t I Write the Plugin Myself?

There is the big problem.  I ‘barely’ know PERL.  I can just scratch an itch of PHP.  WordPress is PHP.  In order to write a plugin, I am going to have to learn PHP.  Right now I am just too busy.  PERL is still very powerful and still widely supported.  PHP is going to overtake PERL if it hasn’t already.

I am sure that someone has already written the perfect CSV or Text file to WordPress plugin.  I have seen a few that I have tried and can’t get to work the way I want them to.  And I am also sure that someone has privately built one and is using it to make a killing.

Drop me a lead and I will follow it to find out how well it works… and promote the plugin if it does what I need.