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Using Favicons

There are basics that every site should have, although not everyone will agree on what those ‘basics’ are.  For PaMidstate MEDIA, you can get an idea of basics (when applied to WordPress) by reviewing this post about standard WordPress Plugins.

All sites need to have some sort of branding, right down the the fine details.  I am horrible at fitting all this into place, so whenever I find a site that makes that job easier, I use it.  And in this case, I am posting that information here – partially to help you find easier ways to do things, and partially as a reminder or bookmark.

An Easy Way to create a FavIcon

Simple – do you have a picture of your logo or something that can create a memory of your site for users?  Make sure it is as close to ‘square’ as it can be, remember where you saved it on your PC and go here: http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/

Easy – like I said:

  1. Choose the image from your PC.
  2. Upload the image (they even give you a button to do that!)
  3. Click “Create FavIcon”

That was easy.  Now – just upload that file to the root of your website and you are done.