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Buffalo Juice Hot Wing Recipes


In 2007, I was brain-storming domain names… and really, I shouldn’t be doing this, because I know that I get domains and don’t find time to develop them into anything interesting.  In this case, www.buffalojuice.com was born, with a lean towards hot wings.

Well, I finally got some inspiration and a ‘semi-free’ weekend to give this site some of my time.


So, besides a free weekend, what caused me to get going?  Well, I found a free theme, Journic (see below), that just looked like fire, hot sauce, something with a kick!  So, I grabbed it, made some mods and started adding recipes to the site, along with a few articles that pertain to cooking hot wings!

About the Theme & Source Files

I can’t remember how I found Journic, but the site and creators don’t seem to have control of their domain any longer.  I left the links in the CSS, but not in the footer.  I like the artsy ‘feel’ to the site, maybe it is the watercolor look to the header, or the bold styling.  Either way, it works for me as a hot and spicy recipe site.  Here is a link to one place that still has the source files (Journic : Free WordPress Themes)

WP Plugins

There are ‘standard plugins‘ that I use on most sites, so check them out, but also here are the special plugins that I am using for this site and why.

  • Old Post Promoter – This plugin will take the oldest post and make it the newest post, on a schedule that you can set.  I am using this plugin so that the front page updates with new recipes.  I anticipate that I will not add recipes on a very regular basis, so this should make it stay a little fresher.
  • Page Links To – This plugin allows me to send some traffic directly to another site – even though the link points within the Buffalo Juice site.
  • Sociable – by Joost de Valk – This recipe site is one that ‘shares’ well.  I don’t believe that all sites should have social sharing buttons – but this site is made for sharing.
  • WP Polls – I don’t run many polls on sites, but this little bit of interactivity might keep a user more involved in the site.

Final Thoughts

Interestingly enough, a couple of days after I created the base of this site, I noticed that my brother had posted a Curry Rub recipe on his Facebook account.  Pretty cool coincidence, I thought.  So, we posted his recipe and he has another lined up, Joe’s Kickin’ Chickin’ Wings.  I’m looking forward to that!

Any Questions or Comments?