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Why I Use Dreamhost

I have been using Dreamhost as my main hosting provider for over since the fall of 2006.  This was shortly after they had some major outages.  The problems were fixed and they were very transparent about the issues.

Doesn’t that seem risky?

Well ok, maybe.  But I planned to move a couple domains over to Dreamhost, see how it went and make my decision from there.

Why was I looking for a new provider?

The current hosting provider I had at the time was more expensive than other similar hosts out there.  I still use them for a couple of sites, since their uptime has been excellent, but as I planned to build more sites, I could not afford a set price per domain.  Dreamhost offers multiple domains – as long as you are within your alloted space and traffic restrictions.

So what are the restrictions?

Well – when I signed up, I got 4,000 Gig of bandwidth [traffic] and 250 Gig of disk space.  It grows each week – and I barely scratch 1% of my available resources.  [I don’t build huge sites…]

Now – They have unlimited bandwidth and disk space for $8.95/month – and unlimited domains.  I recommend that you check Dreamhost out.

Other ‘ease of use’ benefits

Most hosting providers offer some type of installation services.  Dreamhost offers a 1 Click Install for quite a few open source programs, including WordPress.  Since WordPress is my current choice of software, this is a great benefit.  Install once, then everything else from within the WordPress site.  Excellent!

My Latest Experience

Just yesterday (which is what finally prompted me to write this) – I upgraded a site for a customer… WITHOUT HEEDING THE WARNINGS about backing up your site before upgrading.  Well, yep, I overwrote the wrong files.

Dreamhost has automatic backups (like all other hosting companies) – but, without cost, I was able to restore my latest backup, right overtop of the mistake.  Within 10 minutes, the site was back online and my client never knew that anything had even gone wrong.  Save my butt?  You betcha!

If you are looking, you should check out Dreamhost.

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