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Your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps introduced a new feature a while back that now shows the names of businesses, right on the map, no charge, one postcard.

Try This

(As of 02/22/2010) go to:  maps.google.com, type “Boiling Springs, PA”  into the search box.  No big deal, right – you get a map centered on Boiling Springs.

Ok, so on the left hand side, right below the orange man – there is a plus sign, to zoom in the map.  Click that once.   Now you can see the High School, Gelinas Bed & Breakfast, and Allenberry ‘listings’.  Click the plus sign again and you see the Boiling Springs Tavern, Boiling Springs Pool, Village Artisans Gallery, Mateya Law Firm, the Boiling Springs, PA Post Office and more.   Another click shows a few more businesses.

I am not sure what rankings determine at what zoom level your business shows up, but it should be clear that your business NEEDS to be here.  Look closer at the listings.  The pool shows a swimmer, using the normal signage icons that you see on the highway.  The tavern shows a martini glass.  Gelinas shows a lodging icon.

Your Business

Check out your own town.  Is your business there?  Can someone stop by your business because they saw you on the map?

If your business is not there, or if you have not taken ‘ownership’ of your business in Google’s directory, you need to do that.  Once you have control of your listing, you can add hours, services, special information and even coupons.  If you work at all on improving your businesses relevance on the internet, this is one thing you need to address.

Get Listed

So – how to get your business listed, if it is not there already?  Go here: Google Local Business Center and follow the instructions.

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