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This, that and more!

and more!

Have you created a website, brochure or other marketing material and finished off a ‘list’ type paragraph off with the phrase ‘and more!’  I know that I have, and I do it too often.  Even my clients will send me copy which includes ‘and more’.

I could not find a good resource to inform me about the origin/use/contention of that phrase, so I will place my best guess… which is probably not too accurate, but bear with me.

I think that the marketing of businesses always wanted the best ad – to promote the best business.  And which business is better?  The one with MORE!  So, my ice cream parlor serves not only banana splits, sundaes, milkshakes and 12 different toppings – which is what the guy down the street sells – but I offer a few extra things.  They just aren’t that interesting so I finish off my ad sentence by making sure everyone know I have more than that guy!

Or- maybe an overzealous marketer ran out of space reserved for the ad – so he HAD to let you know there was more.

Either way, is this an effective, or overused?