This, that and more!

and more! Have you created a website, brochure or other marketing material and finished off a ‘list’ type paragraph off with the phrase ‘and more!’  I know that I have, and I do it too often.  Even my clients will send me copy which includes ‘and more’. I could not find a good resource to […]

New Years Resolutions vs. This Years Goals

About Resolutions Every year, I hear people discussing their New Year’s Resolutions and I can understand why people decide to set them and why they choose January 1st to start their quest. However, I have never been able to jump on board with this tradition. It’s not that I am ‘better than that’ or don’t […]

Your Website, Step by Step

For the last couple of months, I have been building a free membership site: How to build a website, step by step. Why did I Create This Site? What I do at PaMidstate MEDIA is building websites.  Some for a few clients – and most others are city guides, state guides and other instructional websites, […]

Big Budget, Low Quality… Why?

I am not that creative… I don’t use Photoshop well… I rarely create something with gloss… But I don’t have a HUGE budget, either! So tell me this… With large hotel tax budgets, why are so many of the websites for official cities, counties and states just not up to step with current trends or […]

Your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps introduced a new feature a while back that now shows the names of businesses, right on the map, no charge, one postcard. Try This (As of 02/22/2010) go to:, type “Boiling Springs, PA”  into the search box.  No big deal, right – you get a map centered on Boiling Springs. Ok, so […]

Dealing with Projects

The Dilemma I have  a dilemma…  I run quite a few websites as you know if you have read this site.  All of them need work, either in maintenance or upgrades.  I guess I have more of a problem than a dilemma.  I can’t stay focused because I like all of them. I am only […]

Using Favicons

There are basics that every site should have, although not everyone will agree on what those ‘basics’ are.  For PaMidstate MEDIA, you can get an idea of basics (when applied to WordPress) by reviewing this post about standard WordPress Plugins. All sites need to have some sort of branding, right down the the fine details. […]

WordPress vs. Custom Scripting

I run a bunch of sites, as you may have read.  But I often run into the problem of deciding whether to use WordPress or writing my own custom script to create a site on a template. The Major Tipping Point So what causes this difference?  Well – I think I would like to use […]

How do I Register a Domain?

When I first started back in 1997 … ( see History ), you could really only use Network Solutions.  And they STILL (2009) charge about $35 per domain! Once the domain market opened up to more registrars (those that manage the domain name registries), you could easily find other companies and get a much more […]

How I Doubled Daily Visitors

About the Website I built a website back in 2006, coded with FrontPage (yeah, I just hadn’t switched at that point) and custom coded with PERL for the database elements.  You could search, view and rate restaraunts.  That was about all you could do.  I was a nice website, served its purpose which was to […]